Crown & Bridge Treatment Bristol

Dental Crowns in Bristol

Porcelain crowns are widely used to rebuild broken or otherwise unsightly teeth to create a natural and healthy new smile. Heavily filled teeth are often prone to chipping and breaking. The dental crown is used to cover and protect these teeth, as well as greatly improving the appearance of the teeth.

The dental crowns procedure is usually carried out over two visits:

  1. At the first visit the teeth are adjusted, moulds taken and temporary crowns are fitted. These temporary crowns are adjusted by our crown dentist until the patient is happy with the fit.
  2. The moulds are then sent to a laboratory to create new permanent crowns which match the new smile design of the temporary crowns.

Dental Bridges in Bristol

Often where more than one tooth is missing, a new smile can be created by using crowns to support the missing teeth thus ‘Bridging’ the gap. We complete all dental bridge work in a relaxed atmosphere putting your needs first.

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