Dental Hygienist Bristol

Your oral hygiene is vitally important

Good looking healthy teeth need a strong foundation, which means healthy gums are an essential component of a stunning smile.

Regular preventative care with a dental hygienist can maintain healthy gums, fresh breath and the natural whiteness of the teeth. It also means potential problems are spotted early, saving money in the long run.

Having the gums checked regularly is increasingly important in light of the current research linking gum health to general health and the connection between oral health and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Dental Hygienist Prices
£60.00 (30 minutes)
£120.00 (1 hour)
If you wish to visit the hygienist and are not registered with the dentist you will need a DIRECT ACCESS Appointment – 1 hour for your first visit – charged at £120

Our Dental Hygienists

If you are looking for a dental hygienist in Bristol, even if you have a regular dentist who has no hygienist, then please contact us.