Dental Plans

Denplan in Bristol

At Somerford House, we believe that you should be able to have a smile that you love at a price you can afford.

Denplan Essentials provides bespoke private dental payment plans for you to be able to pay for your treatment at your convenience. Spread the cost of routine treatment and discover how you can make private dentistry more affordable.

The price of Denplan Essentials starts at just £17 per month.

What does Denplan Essentials cover?

  • For £17 per month, you’ll receive 2 exams, 2 hygiene appointment and 1 X-ray per year.
  • For £22 per month, you’ll receive 2 exams, 3 hygiene appointments and 1 X-ray per year.
  • For £27 per month, you’ll receive 2 exams, 4 hygiene appointments and 1 X-ray per year.

With Denplan Essentials, you’ll also receive 10% off treatments included in our fee list.

Denplan Kids All-Inclusive Care Plan

If you’re registered with us and your child is aged between 0-4 years, their exam is free. Then, £12.10 per month for 5-12-year-olds and £15 per month for 13-17-year-olds.

There is an additional one-off admin fee which will be priced against your chosen monthly fee.

How it works

Denplan Essentials allows you to work your dental care around your budget and not the other way around. You can benefit from a whole host of treatments like hygiene appointments, dental x-rays and check-ups without overspending. 

It includes mandatory supplementary insurance to provide cover towards treatment costs for dental emergencies or injuries, so unexpected expenses are also covered.

Denplan insurance services also provide a 24-hour worldwide emergency dental helpline and assistance with any questions you have about your supplementary insurance.

Your Denplan Essentials plan

To start your bespoke journey with Denplan, we’ll assess your current smile and evaluate how many appointments with our hygienist and dentists you’ll need. From there, we can build your yearly plan around you.

Contact us now for more information on Denplan Essentials and find out how you can create your personalised treatment plan.